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The Story So Far

The Strategic Framework was agreed by Solihull Council in February 2005 after consultation with residents in 2004. It sets out how the Partnership intends to improve the physical and social infrastructure of North Solihull through major investment in schools, Village Centres, transport and green space.  For more information click here

Planning Regeneration

Following the strategic framework review which was agreed in June 2009 we are planning the regeneration based on a  cluster approach which focuses on bringing forward regeneration activities centred around large scale investments such as new schools and villages centres.

Lanchester Cluster

In the future a master plan for the Lanchester cluster will be developed alongside the community and stakeholders and everyone within the cluster will have an opportunity to have their say.

Significant investment has already been committed to this cluster:

  • The new Lanchester School has opened
  • Park Hall School has been redeveloped under the Building Schools for the future (BSF) programme and opened in October 2008
  • Over £500,000 invested into improving Lanchester Park
  • Construction of 44 new homes completed on the Oaklands development

Oaklands Residential Development & Improvements to Green Space - click here

North Arran Way Cluster

In 2005, we worked with residents to develop a Neighbourhood plan for this area which was approved by the Council in November 2005. In March 2006 we sent local residents a Phasing Plan showing the order in which changes would take place.

A number of milestones have been completed in the neighbourhood:

  • Neighbourhood Plan approved - 2005
  • Phasing Plan approved - 2006
  • Planning Application for first housing sites approved – May 2007
  • 430 new homes have been built
  • Outline Planning Application for Village Centre approved – May 2007
  • Brand new £8m Smith's Wood Community Primary School opens - September 2009
  • Demolition of two high rises, Nuffield & Worcester - Spring 2010
  • Demolition of three further high rises, Westfield, Girton & Gonville - Spring 2013
  • New road linking Auckland Drive & Windward Way through to Kingfisher Drive
  • Planning Application for phase 1 (office & retail) of Smith's Wood Village Centre approved - July 2011
  • Development of Smith's Wood Village Centre begins - April 2013
  • The first new shops at Smith's Wood Village Centre open - April 2014
  • Girton & Gonville high rises demolished replaced by Dove Way Park which opened to the public - June 2014

Residential Developments in North Arran Way - click here

Play Area & Park at Mull Croft/Wheatfield Close

Mull Croft is a local 'pocket park' and play facility which is part of the Bellway development, Henley Grange. The new play facility will consist of a variety of play equipment including springs and a playpod for toddlers together with climbing and balancing equipment for older children, as well as new benches and planting.

Work has now begun on the site and the contractors have levelled the area ready for the new play equipment and landscaping. There will be a period of site set up and preparation with new kerb stones and fencing before the 'old' play equipment is removed and the new equipment is installed week commencing 18th August 2014.   The new park is due to be completed and open by Friday, 29th September.

This means that the current play area will be closed to the public from 18th August-29th September 2014. During this period of closure alternative play areas can be found at:

  • Burton's Farm Park with traditional play equipment
  • Dove Way Park - this new park between Dove Way and Kennet Grove, provides informal play for young children including boulders, wooden logs and stepping stones set out in a trim trail format as well as an area for informal sports and recreation.

Any problems regarding the refurbishment during the works please contact the Landscape Architect;Nic Wright on 0121 704 6388 or

Smith's Wood News

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Smith's Wood Village Centre

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Woodlands Cluster

Significant investment has already been committed to this cluster:

  • A newly built Forest Oak & Merstone Special Schools
  • A newly built Woodlands Campus
  • A newly built Smiths Wood Sports College

In the future a spatial master plan for the Woodlands cluster will be developed alongside the community and stakeholders and everyone within the cluster will have an opportunity to have their say.

Woodlands Highway Development

After extensive consultation, North Solihull Partnership has been updating the plans for the Woodlands Highway scheme for housing and green space enhancements.

In October 2010 two options were presented to the community to choose from.  The preferred approach is a new residential development on the northern section of the greenspace (opposite Kingdom Hall) and significant enchancements to the southern section to create a neighbourhood park. 

The North Solihull Partnership have submitted a planning application for this scheme which was approved in principal by SMBC subject to some technical work.  Once planning permission is granted the next steps will be for Bellway to carry out community consultation on the detailed design of the new dwellings.  This should happen during Summer 2014.  Click here for the plan of the green space enhancements. 

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