The Vision

How the project is funded

The Regenerating North Solihull project works almost like a recycling system. Funding is generated through Solihull Council selling land to the North Solihull Partnership. The Partnership then sells this land, once planning permission is granted, to Bellway Homes. The money from these sales is put back into the project, providing the funding for new primary schools, Village Centres and improvements to infrastructure and green space.

This process does involve building on some open space, but we've made a commitment to improve existing play areas and open spaces. So that while there is less space, the quality of it is much better.

Why is this type of funding needed?

North Solihull has not had the benefit of large scale government funding for regeneration. So the way the project is funded has had to be very original and is based on the Council using the land it owns to raise money for regeneration.

One of the main differences between the Regenerating North Solihull project and other large scale regeneration programmes is that the project is being carried out with the local residents. This means that you play a significant role in influencing the regeneration process. As the long term aim of the project is to create a truly sustainable community.

The project is improving education with massive investment in rebuilding or remodelling 10 primary schools. Up to five new Village Centres are also being built or improved; we're investing in improving your green space; and building thousands of desperately needed new homes for sale and rent. It's not only physical changes that we aim to deliver. We want to create a community with a long-term future, improving on the best of North Solihull.

To view a diagram of how this works click here