The Vision

Green Space

Babbs Mill Park Kingshurst

In North Solihull there are a lot of play areas and open spaces and we know they are really important to local communities. But a lot of them are of poor quality and do not meet the diverse needs of the community. Our promise is to keep improving open spaces and children's play areas for the benefit of local residents. This will mean that although there may be less green space in total, the remaining green space will be of better quality.

The way in which this works is that every green space has been assigned a score dependant on several factors including quality, uses etc. eg a neighbourhood park with play equipment would score higher than an area of just grass.   

Some examples of greenspace that we are improving are:

Chapelhouse Recreation Ground 

Burton's Farm Park Green Space

Lanchester Park

Woodlands Highway

Ribble Walk & Redwing Walk

Dove Way Park

Usk Way Gardens

Smith's Wood Buffer

Mull Croft Replacement LEAP

Raglan Way

Lowbrook Open Space Enhancements