The Vision

Regenerating North Solihull is a project set up to transform the three wards of Chelmsley Wood, Smith's Wood and Kingshurst & Fordbridge by improving homes, shops, schools, health and community facilities, transport, the environment and creating jobs.

This is one of the UK's biggest ever regeneration programmes and in its lifetime aims to deliver:

  • New homes for sale
  • New affordable housing
  • 10 new or remodelled, state-of-the-art primary schools
  • New or improved village centres
  • New health care facilities
  • New leisure facilities
  • Employment and training opportunities
  • A positive change to almost 40,000 people's lives
  • Mixed use developments
  • Local environment and transport improvements  
  • Employment opportunities

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Babbs Mill Park

Green Space

In North Solihull there are a lot of play areas and open spaces and we know they are really important to local communities. But a lot of them are of poor quality and do not meet the diverse needs of the community.

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Chapel Walk, Chelmsley Wood

New Housing

There are lots of new homes for sale and rent being built by Bellway Homes (one of the Regenerating North Solihull partners). Some of the schemes are at an early planning stage and some are much further along the process and have been built.

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How the project is funded

The Regenerating North Solihull project works almost like a recycling system. Funding is generated through Solihull Council selling land to the North Solihull Partnership. The Partnership then sells this land, once planning permission is granted, to Bellway Homes.

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