Strategic Framework

The strategy that underpins all of the regeneration is called the strategic framework. This strategy which was originally developed in 2004 was reviewed in late 2008 and we spoke to residents and stakeholders about our findings in early 2009. The key findings of the review showed that the original Strategic Framework remained relevant and should continue to form the basis of the work being carried out  by the North Solihull Partnership. The review sits alongside the original document as an andendum to it and was formerly agreed by the North Solihull Partnership in June 2009 as supplemental guidance.

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The Vision for North Solihull

The Strategic Framework states the vision for North Solihull as really exciting and want to see North Solihull as a place with:

  • Quality of life and choice.
  • An engaged and active population.
  • A place of first class connections.
  • A distinctive character defined by open space.

The key Principles and Objectives of the project are: 

  • To improve the quality of life in North Solihull through large scale, holistic regeneration  over  the next 15 – 20 years.
  • To deliver regeneration that the communities of North Solihull are involved in and committed too.
  • To create high quality neighbourhoods, each with a distinctive sense of place.
  • To create healthy, safe communities where all have equality of access.
  • To increase prosperity through improved education, training, employment and transport.
  • To deliver sustainable development in order that the quality of life of present and future generations is protected and enhanced.