Design Code

With so many aspects of the project needing to be worked up at the same time, we brought all of the design and development consultants together to share ideas and formulate a Design Code.

In the 1960's when North Solihull was originally built, there was no community presence, and so the planners and architects followed the architectural trends of the time, rather than the needs of the residents.

40 years on, we can see which elements of North Solihull's physical landscape create difficulties and work against the generation of a cohesive community spirit. Whilst masterplanners and architects can look at the area and draw on design knowledge to raise the quality of the environment and propose changes, it is crucial to the success of this project that people who are living here are involved in the process.

Making the new North Solihull truly sustainable relies on us working hand-in-hand with the local people who know the area best and are as committed to its future as the North Solihull Partnership is. The best examples of community regeneration throughout Europe have relied on local people working closely with designers, and this is exactly what we are doing here. North Solihull will become a place that the community can be truly proud of because the regeneration programme includes their aspirations for its future.

The design of the new homes at North Solihull will draw on Scandinavian HomeZone principles, which place greater importance on people and family play areas, and work to reduce the speed and presence of cars in residential areas. New 'pocket parks', which will create safe, welcoming play and relaxation space will be intertwined within the new and existing homes, along with state of the art schools and local amenities.

Download a copy of our Design Code.