Residents' views sought over park improvements

(19th February 2007)

Residents of North Solihull are being invited to come and air their views over proposals to improve a local park.

Chapelhouse Road Recreation Ground is set to be upgraded as part of the Regenerating North Solihull scheme and local residents are invited to the Grace Academy between 4.30pm and 8pm today (Weds 21st February) to have their say.

The plans have been developed in consultation with residents' groups and today's (WED) event is a chance for the whole community to comment on the final scheme. Park rangers have also been speaking with local children on what they would like see at the park.

Chapelhouse Road Recreation Ground is one of several green open spaces across North Solihull that are being targeted in the regeneration project to make them safer and more accessible to local residents.

A major concern of local residents is the driving of cars on the recreation ground, so one of the first improvements that has been suggested would be to construct a grass ditch around the perimeter of the park to prevent vehicles gaining access.

Other suggestions include the removal of the existing hard surface and graffiti wall from the kickabout area and new benches and lighting installed around the play area. The project would also see significant landscaping across the recreation area.

Plans for a future phase of improvements include the development of an allotment site, new fencing around the whole perimeter of the park, more tree planting and landscaping and further enhancements to the park's lighting.

Sarah Barnes, Regeneration Programme Manager at Solihull Council, said: "From the very beginning of this project we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the residents are fully involved in the shaping of their local community and this event is part of that ongoing consultation process."

The Regenerating North Solihull scheme is a £1.8billion, 15-year project that will eventually see the construction of 8,000 new homes, improvements to 12,500 more, a series of new primary schools, five new village centres and significant improvements to the transport infrastructure.

The scheme is driven by the North Solihull Partnership, a consortium made up by Solihull Council, registered social landlord Whitefriars Housing Group, regeneration specialists Inpartnership and house builder Bellway Homes.


Press release drafted by Alun Thorne. For more information contact Core Marketing on 0121 643 8151.