Residents’ views sought in phase two of consultation

(19th October 2007)

Residents who overwhelmingly backed outline plans to improve housing and green space in the Kingshurst and Smith's Wood areas of the North Solihull regeneration zone are being invited to view more detailed proposals.

Local people were asked to comment at a series of consultation events over the summer on new plans for residential developments on land at the southern end of Lanchester Park, a former bus turnaround, and parcels of land on Windward Way North and Windward Way South. More than 90 per cent of over 300 residents who attended the events said they liked the plans in principle, which would raise funds for further regeneration in the area such as new schools and village centres and the improvement of local green space. 

The North Solihull Partnership, the consortium driving the £1.8billion regeneration programme for the area, promised to take the residents comments from phase one of the consultation and draw up more detailed proposals, which residents can now see at a series of events starting from Monday 15 October.

Becke Ayres, who leads the team responsible for consultation, said: "Following the broadly positive response at the initial consultation, we have taken the residents' ideas and comments away and used these to draw up the next phase of plans for the different areas.

"It is ultimately local people who are affected by the regeneration scheme, so it is extremely important, not only that residents come along and have their say, but that we then listen to what they say and tailor our plans accordingly."

Janet Bradbury, chief executive of North Solihull Partnership added: "One of the key messages coming from the residents during the consultation has been the importance to them of good quality open space. These events are also a chance for residents to see how we are living up to our promise that the regeneration programme will see no net loss of green space and that for every piece of land developed for housing, another will be improved by installing better equipment and lighting to make it accessible to the whole community.

At the forthcoming consultation events, residents will be able to give their views on more detailed plans for each of the four original sites, with the two Windward Waysites combined, as well as an additional site on surplus school land at Bosworth School. In Lanchester Park, it is proposed that a new development be made up of predominantly family houses for sale and rent, alongside significant improvements to the park itself with new play and skate facilities and the introduction of a new games court, as well as landscaping and new exercise routes.

Following the initial consultation, the two Windward Waysites have been rationalised into one residential area, while improving the remaining open space. Residents will also see plans for a new scheme on the former bus turnaround at the junction of Auckland Drive and Lanchester Way.

Residents can also view proposals for improvements to Smith's Wood Ancient Woodland, Babbs Mill Park and the provision of an allotment site in the north of the consultation area.

The events will be from 10am-3pm at Arran Wayshops and then from 4pm-8.30pm at Bosworth Wood School on Monday 15 October, then on Tuesday 16 October from 10am-4pm at Green Laneshops. Residents can view the plans at Kingshurst Parade on Wednesday 17 October from 10am-1pm, then between 10am-4pm at Bosworth Wood School on Thursday 18 October, and at the same times the following day at Kingshurst Parade.

Monday 22 October will see an event between 10am-3pm at Kingshurst Parade and then between 4pm-8.30pm at Smith's Wood Sports College. The Regenerating North Solihull project office in Kingfisher Drive will host an event from 10am-3pm on Tuesday 23 October, and a further event takes place at the following day at the same time at Kingshurst Parade, and then from 4pm-7.30pm at Kingshurst Primary School. There will be an event from 10am-4pm on Thursday 25 October at Green Laneshops, then the same time next day at Arran Wayshops.

Regenerating North Solihull will see the construction of 8,000 new homes, improvements to 12,500 more, 10 new primary schools created, five new village centres, and significant improvements to the transport infrastructure. The North Solihull Partnership that is delivering the project comprises a consortium made up of Solihull Council, registered social landlord Whitefriars Housing Group, regeneration specialists Inpartnership and house builder Bellway Homes.

To find out about the nearest consultation event, which run from Monday 13 to Thursday 25 October call 0800 389 7997 and speak to a member of the Regeneration Team.


Press release drafted by Alun Thorne. For more details contact Core Marketing, 0121 643 8151.