New Village Centre Name Chosen

Following a lively consultation and vote for a name for their new village centre local residents in the Craig Croft area have made their opinions known and Solihull Council and the North Solihull Partnership can today announce that the name chosen is Chelmund's Cross Village Centre.

Members of the public and local groups put forward four suggestions for new names for the village centre and voted during February.   Nearly 65% of those who voted chose Chelmund's Cross Village Centre as their preferred name.

The heritage of the area is important to the local community and Chelmund has significant historical links to the place that is known today as Chelmsley Wood.  While there are mythical stories surrounding a Saxon warrior legend named Ceolmund, the name Chelmund is about a place, not a person. 

Historical records going back to 1200AD mention the whole wood being called Chelemundesheia (Chelmsley Wood).It is believed the area took its name from 'Ceolmund's enclosure' and Ceolmund is pronounced Chelmund.

Councillor Ian Courts, Solihull's Cabinet Member for Economic Development and Regeneration said:

"I'm glad so many people got involved and gave us their opinions on a suitable name for the new Village Centre.  Work is now about to begin in earnest as part of our North Solihull Regeneration programme.  The contractors Dawnus Construction have been appointed and will be moving on site shortly.

"Chelmund's Cross Village Centre will contain a new primary school - incorporating St Andrew's Church, community facilities, health care, retail, Solihull Council offices, and an Enterprise Centre providing office space for small and new start-up businesses. 

"Also as part of the plans there will be significant improvements to the link between the Chester Road and the new village centre.   Local residents living on both sides of Chester Road will be able to access Chelmund's Cross Village Centre through the new pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities that will be built."