Community learns more about Urban Design

Group 1 plasticine model Group 2 plasticine model

A community training event was funded by the North Solihull Partnership to provide 20 local people with a basic understanding of Urban Design.  The 2 day event took place in September and was delivered by The Glass House with trainers Urbed.

The event was a real success with everyone that attended learning a lot from the experience.  

Sally, aged 16, had this to say about her experience:

"Overall, I found the design training a useful tool towards my future. It taught me to understand the minds of design artists and architects as to why they decide to build housing and so on in certain areas. I also learnt that it would benefit the local community to try to express their views formally and productively to the people it concerns and by showing their understanding it would show how serious they are in expressing their ideas and beliefs. By being amongst the older citizens of the community I also improved my social skills by improving my patience and learning to co-operate appropriately by expressing my views and feelings towards the situations that arose."

Following on from the success of this event the North Solihull Partnership has set up a Community Design Group to look at design issues in much more detail and at a much earlier stage than the community currently does. For more information about the Community design Group click here.