Changes to the North Solihull Regeneration Programme

(3rd November 2009) The national economic recession has impacted on the proposals in North Solihull. Like many other regeneration areas up and down the country, we have been forced to review our proposals in light of this and unfortunately it means some tough decisions need to be made about what can realistically be achieved.

Over the last few months, the North Solihull Partnership has been preparing a new Business Plan in response to the economic recession. As a result, we proposed some changes to the re-housing plans for North Arran Way, Craig Croft and Kingshurst.

Cabinet approved our recommendations on the 29th October however there has been a request for the decision to be reviewed by Council Members. This review will take place on the 26th November and we will write to everyone concerned following this review.

We appreciate that this news will be frustrating for people who were expecting to move and are sorry for the upheaval this will cause them. We have written to everyone affected individually, to explain how the proposed changes affect them. We will also be visiting everyone affected by the changes, week commencing the 9th November 2009 to talk through what this means and to offer as much support as possible.

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