Kingshurst Residential Schemes

Chapel Walk

Chapel Walk, Chelmsley Wood

Chapel Walk occupies the site of the former Whitesmore Secondary School, which was closed following the opening of the neighbouring state-of-the-art Grace Academy in 2006.

Situated on Chapel House Road in Fordbridge, this development features 61 houses and 36 apartments. Bringing well over £15million of investment to North Solihull, Chapel Walk also includes a £300,000 investment programme in neighbouring open space, transforming it into a safe attractive recreation area for local residents of all ages.

Chapelhouse Recreation Ground - Work was completed on Chapelhouse Recreation Ground in June 2008. The park covers an area of 2.84 hectares.  There is a multi use games area (MUGA) and children's play area with seating, as well as improved lighting throughout the park to help combat anti-social behaviour. A new pathway through the recreation ground and additional landscaping and woodland planting has also been carried out as part of the major improvement scheme.