Area Strategies – In 2007 we developed through consultation the North and South Area Strategies. The purpose of local area strategies was to supplement the Strategic framework and take forward the principles of the Strategic Framework, allowing early activity in locations where a master plan will not be produced for a number of years.

The production of the North Area Strategy followed a two stage consultation process, dealing with following issues.

  •  The schools programme;
  •  Green space; and
  •  Early housing sites ahead of neighborhood planning.

Affordable housing - Affordable housing includes social rented housing and intermediate affordable housing. Social Housing is low cost housing rented from a Local Authority, Housing Association or similar and intermediate housing is housing at prices and rents above those of social rent but below market price or rents, which can include shared equity (eg HomeBuy) and other low cost homes for sales, and intermediate rent.


Bellway Homes - makes up one of the four partners in the North Solihull Partnership, and has over 50 years' experience in house building and is one of the countries largest residential developers. At any one time, Bellway, is active on more than 200 sites nationwide, and has significant experience in partnering organisations, developing brownfield sites and regenerating inner city schemes. For more information visit Bellway's role in Regenerating North Solihull is building and designing a lot of the new homes in the area.

Building Schools for the Future - A central government initiative providing capital investment monies to rebuild and renew secondary schools.

Business plan – The North Solihull Partnership has a 15 year business plan which sets out our objectives for 15 years and a 6 year plan which set out those objectives for 6 years. In 2009 the North Solihull Partnership reviewed it objectives and what was achievable in light of the economic downturn. As a result, we proposed some changes to the re-housing plans for North Arran Way, Craig Croft and Kingshurst.


Cluster Plan - These are broad areas within which residential, mixed use and non-residential development could take place around Key areas of investment, such as new Village Centres, new Primary Schools and Health Centres. The Clusters will include areas of new housing, improved public transport and open space.

A Cluster may cover a number of 'neighbourhoods' including those with an agreed Neighbourhood Plan.  The plans for a Strategic Investment Cluster will not change the agreed Neighbourhood Plans for Craig Croft and Kingshurst and Babbs Mill.

Consultation –There are many different ways that the North Solihull Partnership carries out consultation but simply put it means us talking to local residents, businesses and schools to hear their views and opinions on anything from developing a village centre to improving our web site.


Decent Homes Programme – Solihull Community Housing (SCH) looks after this programme.

The Decent Homes programme makes sure all Council owned housing meets the government's standard. In many homes SCH will need to do works to the electrics and heating in order to bring the property up to standard. Once SCH have assessed your electrics and heating, you can choose other improvements from a menu. Other works could include improvements to kitchens and bathrooms. To find out more go to or contact SCH on 0121 717 1515.

Design Code – a planning document that provides a general code of practice for the design of buildings, roads and other features of developments. Click here for more information.



Floor plan – this is a plan that shows the layout and room use of a building. Detailed floor plans sometimes have dimensions, which tell you the size of the room.



Harden Housing Association - are based in Birmingham and part of the West Mercia Housing Group. Harden Housing Association is the land lord for the Social Housing that has currently been built by the North Solihull Partnership. For more information visit

Home Maker Team – Our Home Maker Team talk to people who are Solihull Community Housing tenants, and whose homes are in line for demolition as part of the Regenerating North Solihull project. They will come and speak to tenants individually about their options and help them find another home.

Home Purchase Team – If you own your own home, and it is set for demolition as part of the regeneration project you will be contacted by the Home Purchase Team, who will help you sell your home to the North Solihull Partnership and buy another home.


Inpartnership Ltd - makes up one of the four partners in the North Solihull Partnership, and is a national investment-led regeneration organisation, which acts as an "intermediate" bridge between the public and private sectors. The company focuses on extensive regeneration projects, which demand a long-term commitment due to their size, scale and complexities. For more information visit Its role in Regenerating North Solihull is working to create the new Village Centres and has an overall strategic role in the project.




Landscape - The character and appearance of land including its shape, form, ecology, natural features, colours and elements and the way these combine.


Master Plan - Specific regeneration proposals for each Cluster will be brought forward through a series of Spatial Masterplans.  These are similar to Neighbourhood Plans in that they will identify the key areas of change within a cluster area, including areas for demolition, new housing, street networks, new facilities and improved open space.  The Spatial Masterplans will also identify the type of buildings that will be built in the area.

Milestones - Key events with dates, marking stages in the progress of a project or programme.


Neighbourhood Plan – is a type of masterplan. We have developed a neighbourhood plan for Kingshurst and Babbs Mill, Craig Croft and North Arran Way.

The new approach to planning the regeneration is through developing a spatial masterplan for each cluster.


Outline planning permission – first stage of application for planning permission, supported by basic land use plans.


Phasing Plans –  If your home is earmarked for demolition the phasing plan gives timescales for when a member of our team will come and talk to you about your re-housing,

Planning permission/ consent – Formal approval by a local planning authority of a proposed developed.



Regeneration – Bringing land and buildings into effective use, encouraging the development of existing and new industry and commerce, creating an attractive environment and ensuring that housing and social facilities are available to encourage people to live and work in the area.

Regeneration partnership - A group of people/agencies who join together with a common aim and objectives centred on the regeneration of an area.

Resident Involvement Groups (RIGs) – are constituted groups which represent their local community and work with the North Solihull Partnership to regenerate their local area.  


Solihull Community Housing – (SCH) is responsible for looking after all Solihull Council owned properties.

Solihull Council –serves around 200,000 people delivering local services in a borough of great contrast polarised between an affluent south and a relatively deprived north. Solihull Council is prioritising investment in the north of the borough to raise achievement, offer new opportunities and deliver the vision for Solihull: a place where well-being, pride and quality of life are enjoyed by all.

Strategic Framework – The Strategic Framework is an overall plan setting out what could be done across North Solihull over the next 15 years. It acts as a guide to all the developments and changes happening as part of the regeneration of your area.




Village Centres – We are planning to build 5 new Village Centres in North Solihull. When we talk about Village Centres, we mean a collection of local amenities that will service your community, such as shops, schools and health centres. Village Centres will either be where local centres are now or in new, more accessible locations.


West Mercia Housing Group  is the parent organisation of several Housing Associations and includes Whitefriars Housing Group. For more information visit

Whitefriars Housing Group Ltd - makes up one of the four partners in the North Solihull Partnership, and is a not-for-profit housing and regeneration organisation. The Group is about more than bricks and mortar; it's about people and developing and renewing communities and neighbourhoods to improve people's lives, not only their homes. For more information visit It's role in the Regenerating North Solihull project is jointly leading the master planning operation and is using its experience in community engagement to direct the massive consultation exercises with the residents of North Solihull to allow them to shape the regeneration programme.