Getting Involved

Our promise to you

We will consult local people on all aspects of the regeneration programme possible, through consultation activities designed to make sure local people get involved.

 Key Principles

  • We want people to be involved. All consultation events will be held at different times to suit the needs of the local community. We will deliver consultations during days, evenings and weekends at local venues.

  • We will talk to existing community groups, including those not directly within the regeneration area. All comments are important to us and will be considered.

  • We will provide information that is clear, and easy to understand.

  • We will at all times be clear, friendly and honest.

  • We understand that consultation is a two-way process. As well as informing local groups of our plans, we also need their views too.

  • We will share the results of consultation with all involved, including publishing plans on our website.

  • We understand that sometimes a decision can be made that is difficult to accept. If this occurs we will explain clearly why this has happened.

  • We will constantly review the way we consult with the local community, to ensure that we provide the best possible service.

  • We will be an active member of wider partner and community forums when needed.

Community Involvement Standards

We will adopt and work to the Solihull Partnership's Community Involvement Standards.

To download these standards click here.