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Bellway Homes Solihull Council

The North Solihull Partnership consists of the following partners:


Bellway Homes has over 50 years' experience in housebuilding and is one of the countries largest residential developers. At any one time Bellway is active on more than 200 sites nationwide, and has significant experience in partnering organisations, developing brownfield sites and regenerating inner city schemes. For more information visit www.bellway.co.uk

Sigma Inpartnership Ltd is a national investment-led regeneration organisation, which acts as an "intermediate" bridge between the public and private sectors. The company focuses on extensive regeneration projects, which demand a long-term commitment due to their size, scale and complexities. For more information visit www.inpartnershipgroup.com

Solihull Council serves around 200,000 people delivering local services in a borough of great contrast polarised between an affluent south and a relatively deprived north. Solihull Council is prioritising investment in the north of the borough to raise achievement, offer new opportunities and deliver the vision for Solihull: a place where well-being, pride and quality of life are enjoyed by all. For more information visit www.solihull.gov.uk

WM Whitefriars Housing is a not-for-profit housing and regeneration organisation that is part of the WM Housing Group. Whitefriars is about more than bricks and mortar; it's about people, and developing and renewing communities and neighbourhoods to improve people's lives, not only their homes. Whitefriars is jointly leading the master planning operation, and is using its experience in community engagement to direct the massive consultation exercises with the residents of North Solihull, to enable them to play a major role in shaping the regeneration programme. For more information visit www.whitefriarshousing.co.uk


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